Thursday, January 29, 2009

more judah cole!

we have 8 weeks left everyone! we've scheduled our c-section for march 26 and i can't wait to meet this little guy. it'll also be nice to not be kicked from the inside anymore, and to be able to roll over in bed without wishing that i had an automatic rotation device! i know we'll have to adjust to having him outside of the womb but at least other people can help out then. for now it's just me and judah. :)

we had our 31 week ob appt today and everything is perfect. he's weighing in around 4.5 lbs according to the sonogram today. they think he will be about the same size as sam....sam was 8lbs 1oz. i got some medicine for heartburn! woo hoo! and we discussed the details of the section. for anyone who doesn't know or remember, i was knocked out for sam's birth and had to miss the whole thing. any mom who has been there knows how hard that is emotionally so i'm super excited to be awake and aware when he makes his entrance. wanna know what i'm most excited about? that ooey, gooey picture that you get right when they exit the womb! i can't wait!

above are the newest pics of mr. judah cole. you'll get to see the real deal shortly! i'm also including my first time to meet ooey gooey stuff there. he was over 2 hours old when i first met him but that picture is my favorite picture of me and my little man.

Monday, January 12, 2009

judah cole's 4d!

we went for our 4d ultrasound today with judah. for anyone who hasn't done's the most amazing thing ever! we did one with sam as well and it's so worth the money to see your little one all tucked up and comfy like that. he cooperated really well and we were able to get TONS of pics of him. here are a few of my favorites!