Thursday, February 18, 2010

sick baby.

yes, it's been forever. i'm a horrible blogger. i wish i could hire someone to blog my life for me! maybe they could also help out with the rugrats, the mountain of laundry that is currently blocking my hallway and the trail of food that my little munchkins left wandering aimlessly through the living area and kitchen. it would be nice if my life blogger could cook as well. food is always a nice bonus!

the BEST part would be if my blogger could hold down my near 11 month old child for his breathing treatments so that we can avoid the hospital....he has pneumonia. THAT would be lovely!!!! j just had his first treatment and he HATED it. hated. he screamed, which i'm sure is actually good for getting the meds into him, but oh how it broke my heart. j is such a good baby. the easy one. so to see him that upset really bothered me. i'll have to get a breathing tx pic and get it up. maybe this will make me actually get back on here and follow-up! haha! speaking of follow-ups, j has a follow-up appt on monday, so if you could send a little prayer up for him we'd appreciate it. :)