Saturday, August 23, 2008

sam's newest accomplishments!

sam now has two teeth (both lower centrals) and they are too cute. you can see one of them pretty well when he smiles big but other than that it's somewhat difficult to get a good view of them! he has also learned his first sign. he now signs for milk and it's so cute to watch! i really need to get it on video. we are so proud of him! he is also moving ALL over the place! he doesn't do a 'true' crawl but instead does more of an inchworm move. however, he still gets to where he wants to go and we have to watch him like a hawk now! he's also started to realize that he can grab onto objects like our coffee table and is attempting to pull up. this guy is definitely keeping us on our toes!

i've been doing pretty good. the nausea has officially started and i have both good days and bad days. we have our next appt in just under 3 weeks. we are still in shock over knowing that we are pregnant!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


sam is gonna be a big brother!!! yes everyone, we are pregnant AGAIN! i am 7 weeks and we feel so overwhelmingly blessed right now and are so excited. sam and baby scopel will be 15 months and a little over a week apart! we had our first visit at the doctor's office today and our little bean is growing right on target and had a heartbeat of 146 bpm. everything was great! i've been a little sick off and on....and tired....but other than that, i'm doing great!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

back from the doctor!

and sam's white cell count was down to......drum roll please......12,000. so, much better! he is doing great now. he hasn't had a fever since yesterday and he slept pretty good last night. he only woke up once, took a bottle then went right back down! yay sam!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

houston, we have a problem!

oh nono?! nona?! ....this would be a great time to come offer some aid! your help is needed and i know how much you would love to cuddle with our sick little sam! so, if you would like, go ahead and pack your bags then head east!

yes, our poor baby is sick. he was fine and then last night our world turned upside down. he woke up screaming and this pattern was repeated throughout the night. it was very tiring for all involved, including sam. he couldn't sleep and we didn't know why. there are so many things we have yet to learn as new parents.

by the time our pedi's office opened this morning we (the parents) were in a frantic state. there is nothing worse than knowing that something is wrong but not knowing what or how to fix it. i called and booked the first available appointment of the day and matt took sam....i met them there. the verdict was soon returned and little man has an ear infection. they also did some tests and his white cell count came back at 19,'s supposed to be 10,000. now the pedi is wondering if he might have a bacterial infection which would make the ear a secondary problem. after a shot and finger prick we left and headed home with our groggy and feverish baby.

we have to return to see the pedi tomorrow morning so that sam can have his finger pricked...again. i'll update you on the white cell number when i know something. as of now, my poor husband is trying to rock our desperate child. he had been much better this afternoon but every parent knows that night is the worst time for any sickness.

so, nono, are more than welcome to come love on sam in his time of need. i know that his dad and i would love the help! actually, we'll take help from anyone! stace, i think you're the closest. kim, erin, c??? anyone wanna hop a plane? shannon? come on girls...i'll bleach your teeth for free! jen? jenna? anyone? i'll let jamie and dawn slide...for now!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


so yesterday we took sam swimming (along with the rest of my family) at my aunt and uncle's house and things started off a little shaky but it didn't take long for sam to adjust. he fussed right at first so we put him in this little boat floaty and put some water in it for him to splash around. he loved it! then he started eyeballing the big pool outside of his little floating paradise...kinda like he thought....hmm, i could make some big splashes out there! then suddenly, he just jumped (as well as he can) out of his little boat into the water. of course i caught him mid-dive and he just laughed then started splashing like crazy! he had the best time! it was so cute! he then finished his day with a cookie that aunt tina decided to give him....i think he liked it even better than the pool! by the way, for anyone who doesn't know...emily, ledge and jeffrey are my brothers and sister. alicia is ledge's wife and maegan is jeffrey's finacee.